The best excuse to do a trip up North

When Europeans have to leave Morocco after 3 months, there's several options... The easy way: Take a flight to a European country. Or the more adventurous way: Go to Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in the north of Morocco, and make it back the same day. Of course we chose the latter. So far I had heard different stories about the Ceuta visa run, so nothing to do but put it to the test myself. Incha Allah! 

Also the best excuse to do a trip up North. 

In search of the Hispanic Moroccan culture... The more North we go the more Spanish influences we find... in the architecture, in the kitchen, and in the language... to my liking!


Where the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea, Spanish and Moroccan culture, and old and new beautifully blend into one beautiful picture. 


Asilah: Free by the sea 

The colourful murals in the Medina hinting at the ever present ocean make Asilah a very picturesque, pleasant city.

Enchanting Tetouan

If you call Chefchaouen the blue city than Tetouan is certainly green ! (Or maybe it just seemed so because the Medina was closed and all doors were green). When the doors opened up a beautiful chaos of colours and arts and crafts was revealed. As it's easy getting lost in the streets of the Medina with its 7 'babs' or doors I was lucky meeting an older friendly guy speaking Spanish guiding me around and I was extra lucky he was understanding my special mix of French, Portuguese and Spanish.


The surrounding Rif mountains ​adding an enchanting look and feel to this authentic city. Even more enchanting is the place where I stayed: Hotel Africa. As if you're entering a story of 1001 Arabian Nights. It's not every day we get the chance to meet storytellers in real life...

Close, closer, Ceuta

Tetouan is only 45 minutes from the Spanish border. Taking a shared taxi for 17 DH I was ready for limboland. 

Besides the mixed feelings because I felt like a privileged European, and having to say I was returning for my Moroccan boyfriend which I don't have, we had a good (visa) run! 

Some tapas and cervezas later I was back on Moroccan territory the same day, ready to work my way back down to Taghazout...

And stay a little longer in Morocco. More msemen, more nos nos and more places to see...

Chefchaouen, The blues ain't nothing but a colour baby 

Besides it being blue and beautiful this "Blue Pearl" or "The city of dreams" (when checking in on Instagram) didn't "blue" me away. The overload of tourists and the fact that I was freezing my ass off didn't help either I guess. Lucky I bought this denim dress in Ceuta to keep me warm (or not!) Oh well, at least it did match the walls.